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We supply all kinds of office cabinets, document cabinets, filing cabinets, office cabinets, wardrobes, locker products genuine. Using the Xuan Hoa locker to help office space neat, professional, space saving. Our cabinets, filing cabinets are the perfect solution for keeping records and documents of companies and agencies. In addition, the welko cabinets are used extensively in supermarkets, shops for furniture, in homes and offices for clothes. For advice on choosing the best safe for your needs, please contact our hotline: 0982770404

Currently, the safe is a lot of people love, however, to find a quality cabinet with beautiful design is not easy. In order to meet the needs of consumers, high class cabinets have created many products with beautiful design, luxury and quality. In that, the document cabinets, filing cabinets, mirror cabinets are a product that many people believe.

  • File cabinets are usually used to hold documents, records, etc. In offices, the office consists of two compartments with four compartments, four large openings with very separate locks that are spacious enough to be very Many documents, utensils with high safety. In addition, a cavity with a mobile phase can be adjusted in many different positions are very convenient.

  • The cabinet is made with the main material is iron covered with a high-grade powder coating imported outside, capable of both scratch resistant, high anti-rust that both bring safety to users. . Besides, this product also makes the connection between the iron and the iron screw, so it can limit the damage in the process of transport, disassembly. In addition, iron cabinets are designed with luxurious designs, elegant colors create sophistication, modern, bring beauty to the room.

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With these characteristics, iron cabinets are the best choice for your office. To find a reputable and quality supplier, please come to our company. The product is warranted 12 months from the factory safe box, the largest safes in the north.